3 Ways to Transform your Morning Routine

Morning is the most important part of your day. From the moment you open your eyes and get out of the bed, you’re starting to shape the rest of your day. And, if you don’t create some healthy morning habits, you might be working against yourself. The truth is, a healthy morning routine can make you super-productive during the entire day.

But, how can you transform your mornings to make your entire days more productive? If you’re curious to learn the answer, just keep reading.

Start off with Gratitude.

Showing Gratitude by saying thank no matter which language, heart of thank you's in multiple languages

Gratitude involves giving thanks for the good things in your life. When the day is started in a mindset of gratitude, happiness comes easily as you are reminded of all the blessings in your life; getting caught up in the daily grind can cause you to forget the simple beauty of life. Starting the day off in gratitude sets the tone for the entire day and can lead to increased levels of productivity.


Do a 10-minute Exercise.

Doing exercise is good for energy levels, if that is stretching or yoga at home for 10 minutes

We all know how beneficial and important exercising is. But not everyone has the time or the will to exercise every morning.

Still, there are short 10-minute exercises you could do in the morning. This small contribution to your morning routine will make a huge difference for your mind and body.

These exercises are usually about:

  • stretching
  • awakening your body and your mind
  • preventing back pain
  • turning on your engines

Try out any type of morning exercise and you’ll see how much better you’ll feel after it’s done.

Drink some Kombucha.

Drinking kombucha made from Karl Kombucha kits is full of health benefits and great way to start your day

Drinking a glass of Kombucha first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will allow you to fully experience how Kombucha improves your moods and invigorates your body. Substituting your morning cup of coffee for Kombucha can help prevent that 2pm crash of energy and those jitters that caffeine and sugar often leave us with. It’s important to learn how kombucha can affect your body and mood!

Ready to start off your days full of energy and excited to tackle the day with Kombucha, but don't like the hefty price tag that comes with store bought kombucha? Grab one of our Homebrew Kits to get set up with everything you need to brew your very one Kombucha.


  • Lesley Castronini

    I love my Kombucha morning noon and night. It is one of the most invigorating energy boosters you can have. The fact that it does so much good for your gut, makes it even more palatable. I have experimented with many flavours, each one being as good as the other. Happy Kombucha everybody.

  • Brad Mander

    Great post Karl.
    Anytime of day is Kombucha time!

  • Jan White

    That’s interesting – I always have my kombucha at night. Will try a morning glass instead.
    Thanks Karl for all your tips and input.

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