Home Brew or Store Bought Kombucha – Which is Better?

Few drinks have lately conquered headlines — and supermarket shelves — like kombucha.

It’s apparently the fastest-growing product in the "functional beverage" market. These are drinks that are marketed for their health benefits beyond nutrition.

So why brew your own kombucha when you can purchase it at any store? Trust us on this - Home Brewed Kombucha is DEFINITELY better!

Quality Ingredients

Like anything you do on your own, brewing your own kombucha at home allows you to ensure that what you’re doing is as pure as possible.

Many brands (we won’t name names) add additional steps to the understated process of making kombucha — hyper-filtering the liquid, sterilising it, adding carbonation to boost the fizz factor. They may be doing it in the spirit of trying to safeguard stability, but those additional steps destabilise the kombucha’s gentle natural activity. By making it on your own, you can ensure that your batch is made from fresh, whole ingredients with maximum nutritional content, and that your fermentation has the time it needs to deliver the right potency - that perfect burst of sour that makes the fizz and the sweetness much more delicious.

The Art of Brewing Kombucha

Another good reason to brew your own kombucha at home is that it allows you to appreciate firsthand the beauty and the art, almost ceremony, involved in making these types of fermented foods. Growing a batch of kombucha is like growing a plant — it’s an opportunity to witness nature at its finest.

Save Money

If the benefits of optimal potency and flavour weren’t sufficient, the cost savings alone of homebrewing should have you clicking to order your Karl Kombucha Home Brewing Kit already.

The cost you will be saving is enormous. Commercial kombucha is pricey. Learning how to make your own beverages at home will save you a bundle in the long run.

While we think it’s safe to assume that kombucha brewed at home will create a more powerful tonic than a commercially produced brew, we also have a profound appreciation for some commercially brewed kombucha when we are traveling or on the go.  So are you ready to order your Karl Kombucha Home Brewing Kit  today? Experiment, try different flavours, and most of all – enjoy.

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