How to choose the right brewing Vessel

Just watch the short video and find out what suits best for you!


  • Karl

    HI Cressida Dunnart
    I dont have a video on continues brew yet, but may make one I the near future. ( its actually a great idea:)
    By the way, I only recoment doing continues brew with an 8L Jar as the 4L is a bit too small for it.
    The instructions of the 8L Kit include also the continues brew method.

  • Karl

    Hi Ron
    here we go
    4L = 26×15×15cm
    8L = 32×19×19cm

  • Cressida Dunnart

    Hello again, when I was asking about the dimensions of your jars… I forgot to ask… are you able to do what seems to be called ‘continuous brewing’ with your method/scoby?

    If so, have you done a video on this?
    I’m wondering you just ‘top up’ with more sweet tea, or take the scoby out, mix in the new tea with the old kombucha, and then replace the scoby.
    Thanks again!

  • C. Dunnart

    Hello, I would also like the dimensions of the various jars in the kits. Thank you

  • Ron Itzstein

    Hi Karl

    Please provide the physical dimensions for the 4l and 8l bottles in the kombucha kits.


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