Is your Kombucha too cold or fermenting to slow? No problem Use a Heat Mat!

Karl Kombucha Heating Mat

Protect your kombucha brew in the colder months.

One of the most common problems kombucha brewers face are the cold temperatures in the colder months through Fall, Winter and Spring.

If the temperature drops below 20°C the kombucha SCOBY growth is impacted and can become quite weak which can result in a weak flavour. Even worse your kombucha brew will become more susceptive to mould!! (click here to see my blog post on how to recognise Mould)

However not only mould can be a problem in the colder month. A colder Kombucha brew can result in domination of yeast, causing a musty or funky smell and flavour.

An easy solution to solve this issue and control your brew with the ideal temperature is a Kombucha Heating Mat.

Why a heat mat for my kombucha? Why can't I just heat up my room?

The heating mat will heat your kombucha brewing jar rather than heating the entire room and therefore you can expect the best results for your kombucha and additionally saving you money on your heating bill.

Is there a way to keep my kombucha brew in the fermenting range without a heat mat?

Yes there is! If you have the time to spare and are wanting to keep your kombucha in the fermenting range there is a method which you can use. Simply wrap your kombucha in a towel or thick blanket and I advise twice a day fill up your kettle and boil it. Once boiled place it next to your kombucha brew, this will help increase the temperature of your kombucha batch and keep it in the fermenting range for a while longer. Remember the heat mat is a 7watt mat and most kettles are 2-3Kw so not only is it cheaper to run a heat mat it also means you don't need remember to spend time filling up and boiling your kettle in order to keep your kombucha batch in the fermenting range.

I receive a lot of emails from people without a Kombucha heating mat asking me if they can place their batch in the sunlight or even under electric lights in order to heat their brew. THIS IS A BIG NO!! This could result in the good bacterias in your kombucha brew dying as light is an antibacterial. We clearly want the bacteria in our Kombucha for all the health benefits it provides our guts and therefore must protect them.

Kombucha Kit on a Heat Mat

If you want to make sure to achieve the best depth and complexity of flavour and protect your kombucha brew from mould I highly recommend a heating mat as the bacteria in your kombucha batch will not get disturbed and this would mean they would continue producing the same range of acids which contribute to the great benefits of kombucha. 

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