KOMBUCHA SYRUP the NEW Convenient and Simple Way of Brewing Kombucha!



What is Kombucha Syrup?

It is a convenient and fast way of making kombucha so your everyday life will never prevent you from making a fresh batch of tasty and delicious homemade Kombucha. Resulting in a life of Kombucha and healthy guts.

Kombucha Syrup is our own Formula consisting of the perfect Organic Tea blend & Sugar which we use to brew our own delicious Kombucha.

This Kombucha Syrup is designed to be the perfect food for your scoby to create amazing tasting Kombucha.


How often will I need Kombucha Syrup Pouch?

This depends on how much Kombucha you drink and how quickly you consume your Kombucha Batch. It can take 7-14days to ferment and have your Kombucha Batch ready depending on temperature which should be between 22-27degrees. If it takes 14 days(2 weeks) to produce a batch of Kombucha then you will need to produce a new Kombucha batch every two weeks. This means you would need two pouches a month to always have your Kombucha Kit producing Kombucha.


How easy is Kombucha Syrup to use?

Kombucha Syrup makes the process of making your own homemade Kombucha so much faster and easier that it can be done in a few simple steps. 

  1. Leave 10-15% of your first Kombucha Batch.
  2. Add in Filtered Water leaving 25% of your Kombucha Vessel/Jar empty.
  3. Open the Kombucha Syrup Pouch and pour and empty the contents into the Kombucha Jar/Vessel. 
  4. If your Kombucha jar/vessel is not full, top up with filtered water until it is full. Ensure you have 2-3cm of free/empty space to the tp of the jar.
  5. Now place on your Cloth and secure it with a rubber band. DONE!!

IMPORTANT: Do not add the Kombucha Syrup Pouch to your 10-15% of your first Kombucha Batch to prevent shocking your Scoby. This is why we add filtered water first to dilute the Kombucha Syrup concentrate.


How much time would I save using Kombucha Syrup? 

The amount of time you save using Kombucha Syrup Pouches is more than you may think. Doing the usual process can be fun at first however after making a few Kombucha Batches you will prefer to have a faster and convenient way to still enjoy your homemade without losing precious time with loved ones or on hobbies. During a month of constant Kombucha brewing I saved approximately 2 hours of time using the Kombucha Syrup Pouch instead of the old conventional way. 

Time - Your Life's currency - is a finite non-replenishable resource! Save time and make kombucha quick and easy


How Cost Effective is Kombucha Syrup?

With time being the most precious non-replenishable resource, Kombucha Syrup saves approximately 2 hours of your time and costs only $36** for a month supply using a 4 Litre jar/vessel or only $60** for a month supply using an 8 Litre jar/vessel this for me is perfect to always ensure I have a constant and delicious supply of homemade Kombucha. 

** This cost is based on our subscription rate which supplies two pouches for two complete Kombucha Brews (4litre or 8litre). The Subscription can be cancelled anytime and if you are unsatisfied with the Kombucha Syrup we at Karl Kombucha are happy to offer a refund. 


  • Karl Herber

    Thank you, Julle
    yeah it is really a quick way to brew kombucha. Faster then making a cup of tea ;)


    I have been making Kombucha tea since 1996 off and on using the old fashioned method. I’ll never do it that way again. I bought the 8L brew kit and have just bottled one brew and put the second on using the syrup. Fantastic! The finished brew tastes great and looking forward to having a little bit more fizz. Thankyou for your great products and your fast delivery.

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