Quick video on how to brew your 8L Kombucha kit

This is my first video on how to brew Kombucha and I am looking forward to creating may more :)  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Hope you will enjoy this video



  • Joshua Heal

    Hi Cameron, that is a great question, the issue with the slow pouring spigot is there could be a SCOBY formed in your Tap, but not to worry it is very simple to clean when you clean out your jar you can also clean out your Tap at the same time, I have attached a link to a video which walks you through the process.
    I hope this helps, cheers Josh

  • Cameron Watson

    Karl, despite cleaning out my 8L continuous brew jar every 6-8 weeks to avoid debris build up, my spigot is pouring at a slower rate now? I make sure that the Scooby hasn’t formed a seal when filling my 2nd ferment jars. Any tips?
    Thanks (loving this entire process).

  • Karl

    Hi Andrea,
    it could be still good but I would have to try and smell it in order to say how it is. If it smells and tastes ok then is normally ok.
    Try to use the Kombucha from the top when its hot in order to minimize the amount of yeast.
    hope that helps.

  • Karl Herber

    Hi Andrea,
    Sorry for the late reply.
    the best temperature for a Kombucha brew is between 22 and 28°C, however, it does work also below and above this temperatures. The Scoby is very robust and can withstand temperatures up to 40°C for short periods of time.
    Is your Kombucha still good? I cant tell but if it tastes good, then it should be fine.
    In regards to much yeast, that can happen especially at high temperatures. I would recommend cleaning the jar after every brew until the temperature goes down a little.
    Hope that helps

  • Andrea

    Hi Carl, I grew my scoby from an artisan Kombucha sold only on farmers markets.
    You said something about temperature needing to be between 22 and 28 degrees.
    I had more than that, even 34 degrees on a 43 degree day. My Kombucha had bubbles after three days (without second fermentation). I left it for 6days before doing the second fermentation. Do you think it is any good after this heat?
    I retired the scoby and started new, but having problems now. Too much yeast in it somehow. Perhaps contamination also.

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