• Hi Andrea,
    Sorry for the late reply.
    the best temperature for a Kombucha brew is between 22 and 28°C, however, it does work also below and above this temperatures. The Scoby is very robust and can withstand temperatures up to 40°C for short periods of time.
    Is your Kombucha still good? I cant tell but if it tastes good, then it should be fine.
    In regards to much yeast, that can happen especially at high temperatures. I would recommend cleaning the jar after every brew until the temperature goes down a little.
    Hope that helps

    Karl Herber
  • Hi Carl, I grew my scoby from an artisan Kombucha sold only on farmers markets.
    You said something about temperature needing to be between 22 and 28 degrees.
    I had more than that, even 34 degrees on a 43 degree day. My Kombucha had bubbles after three days (without second fermentation). I left it for 6days before doing the second fermentation. Do you think it is any good after this heat?
    I retired the scoby and started new, but having problems now. Too much yeast in it somehow. Perhaps contamination also.


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