All about Gut Health, Scobys and brewing Kombucha!

Is it Mould? How to recognise Mould!

Is it Mould? How to recognise Mould!
Once you have seen Mould on Kombucha you will be a pro in recognising good Kombucha scobys from mouldy once. You are reading this because you proba...

Flavouring your Kombucha!

Flavouring your Kombucha!

Flavoring Kombucha is a lot of fun and is something that gives you the ability to be super creative. The Possibilities are limitless, you can add good quality fruit, veggies, herbs/ spices, roots, dried fruit or even jam and syrup/cordial. And the best thing about it is that the beneficial elements present in the flavourings such as nutrients, antioxidants and minerals will be absorbed into the kombucha and broken down into forms that are easier for the body to absorb. How good is that 😊 ! By the way, you can experiment with varying amounts of different flavourings to find the balance you prefer.

 Lets get started!


In many ways you are more microbe than human!

While researching about gut health I came across a great video that explains how our microbes work for and keep us healthy and protect us from bad bacteria. 




Bottling and Brewing your Second Batch of Kombucha


How to do the second ferment after the first one is ready. Finally, I made some time to show you that. Watch the video or read the quick step by step Instruction on how to brew your second Kombucha batch and what to do with your scoby.

How to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome

Healing leaky gut with syndrom with kombucha, Karl Kombucha
Leaky what? I did not know what it is until a friend told me, he had a leaky gut. Since then I have researched about it and decided to create a post because it concerns our wellbeing, gut health and because Kombucha and other fermented foods can help cure the problem.

How to choose the right brewing Vessel

Watch this short video to find out which brewing vessel suits best for you!