What is Jun Kombucha or Jun Tea?

Jun Tea Kombucha is made with honey

Jun Tea / Jun Kombucha is another tasty ferment that you can make at home!

Despite the fact that the Jun Kombucha brew creates a culture/SCOBY that resembles a Kombucha SCOBY, a true JUN Culture works in harmony with the nutrients found in honey. A traditional JUN brew is lighter and smoother, more refreshing, aromatic, and often fizzy as a result of this. JUN Kombucha is also much bubblier than its counterpart, thanks to the concentrated sugars and nutrients in the honey, gaining it the label "Champagne of Kombucha." 🍾

Let's take a look at what distinguishes Jun Kombucha from regular Kombucha.


What sets JUN Kombucha Tea apart from normal Kombucha Tea?

JUN Kombucha is a unique culture, separate from Kombucha, but related. Kombucha and JUN Kombucha have a lot in common when it comes to caring for JUN Cultures and even simple recipe instructions. That means that most of the knowledge about Kombucha on our website also applies to JUN Kombucha Tea. Acetobacter, for example, is the main bacteria family for both Kombucha and JUN Kombucha Tea, and it is responsible for creating the SCOBY, which is made of bacterial cellulose. Some people believe there is no yeast in JUN, but this is not true (yeast can be found everywhere!).

What's the difference between Jun and normal Kombucha?

Jun Kombucha vs Kombucha Tea Scoby

JUN KOMBUCHA TEA             vs                KOMBUCHA TEA

Green Tea

Black or Green Tea or blends of it



Smoother, lighter Flavor

Stronger, bolder flavor

Ideal brewing temp. 21-26°C

Ideal brewing temp. 24-26°C            

Shorter brewing cycle

Longer brewing cycle

Shorter brewing cycle Longer brewing cycle
Fizzier Less Fizzy


How can I make Jun Kombucha, do I need a Jun SCOBY?

training your SCOBY to become a Jun SCOBY

You can train your SCOBY to eat honey by adding one tablespoon (20 grams) of honey per kombucha brew along with the sugar, then adding more honey and less sugar on each subsequent kombucha brew. Ensure to use a spare SCOBY for this process. It's always good to have a backup SCOBY in case something doesn't go to plan or if you may not like the taste of Jun Kombucha. IMPORTANT: you can cultivate a normal Kombucha SCOBY to become a Jun Kombucha SCOBY. However, this process does not work the other way, therefore always keep a backup SCOBY 😉.

When changing your SCOBY from eating sugar to eating honey and becoming a JUN kombucha SCOBY, this process needs to be over a minimum of 5 batches. When you have fully transitioned your SCOBY to a JUN kombucha SCOBY you will be using 270grams of honey for an 8 litre batch of kombucha and half this amount when making a 4-litre batch.

I generally use six kombucha batches when converting my SCOBY from sugar to honey, and the table below shows how I gradually make the transition.

For an 8-litre kombucha batch:

 Batch # Sugar (grams) Honey (grams)
1 325 20
2 300 40
3 250 80
4 200 120
5 100 200
6 50 240
7 0 270


You may be able to complete the process faster however I like to be better safe than sorry and stretch the process over a couple more kombucha batches. Patience is a virtue.... or so they say.

Lets check out the ingredients for Jun Kombucha Tea!

Jun Kombucha uses honey instead of cane sugar. You can train your cane sugar Kombucha SCOBY to become a Jun Kombucha SCOBY as mentioned above.

Green Tea
Kombucha Tea was traditionally made only with black tea. Today, however, a mix of black and green tea is more common. JUN Kombucha, on the other hand, is usually made with green tea. JUN Kombucha's lighter colour and flavour profile are due to the decreased level of tannins in green tea. A Jun Kombucha Culture (Jun SCOBY) is also whiter in colour for the same reason.


Behaviour of Jun Kombucha

Jun Kombucha Brewing Cycle
JUN Kombucha Tea brews more quickly than regular Kombucha. The biggest cause for this is honey, which is easier for bacteria and yeast to consume. Since regular sugar needs further refining before it can be consumed by the culture, the brew will take a few days longer. The other nutrients in the honey help to speed up the JUN kombucha brew by providing still more fuel for the ferment. Taste is still king, and your taste buds will let you know when the JUN Kombucha has the perfect sweet/sour mix for your flavour profile. Many people notice that they can harvest the JUN after 4-7 days, rather than the 7-10 days needed for a 4-8L Kombucha batch.

Brewing Temperature of Jun Kombucha
JUN Kombucha performs better at a slightly lower temperature range than normal Kombucha to balance the quicker fermentation time and help retain a cleaner taste overall. 21-26°C is the optimal temperature range for JUN Kombucha. Warning: Those who want a lighter Kombucha brew flavour should ferment their Kombucha at the lower end of the temperature spectrum, but brewing Jun Kombucha at 18°C or below can lead to mould problems (click here if you want to read more about mould). Despite these small but significant variations, almost every other part of the brewing process is virtually the same, and Jun is suitable for both Continuous Kombucha brewing and Batch brewing.


Benefits of JUN Kombucha Tea

To begin with, we are not physicians, and this is not intended to diagnose or cure anything. JUN Kombucha Tea is nothing more than a food. The FDA has not tested any of these claims. JUN Kombucha has not been the focus of Kombucha study because it seems to be a relative newcomer to the fermentation scene. On possible gains, we can only guess.

Thanks to the culture forming, we realise that the same species that create vinegar and Kombucha are involved, so the digestive advantages of those other drinks are likely to be the same for JUN Kombucha Tea. It's tea-based, like Kombucha, which has a bunch of health effects, including anti-cancer, weight loss, and so on. Honey has been investigated for its possible antioxidant, antibacterial, and memory-enhancing properties. Fermentation can boost vitamin, mineral, and beneficial organic acid content while lowering glycemic index.

There are all hypothetical advantages. Our philosophy is to trust your instincts, so if you like drinking JUN Kombucha go for it!

Remember you can train a normal Kombucha SCOBY to become a Jun Kombucha SCOBY 😀

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