Why Kombucha Makes the Perfect Mixer?

Raspberry Kombucha Recipe Cocktails

Why Kombucha Makes the Perfect Mixer 

The amazing thing about kombucha is you get the goodness of the booch and health-enhancing microbiology even when it is alcoholic. Kombucha is amazing as it takes on the flavour and benefits of whatever is infused into it making also the perfect mixer. This makes Kombucha Cocktails a great way to marry the goodness of the kombucha to a little extra alcohol for additional relaxation 😁

Another great reason if you need one that kombucha makes a great cocktail mixer is that it provides a built-in hangover cure 😱 This is due to the B vitamins, which prevent nausea and mood enhancer. Glucuronic acid also assists the liver, where alcohol is metabolised, in expelling toxic molecules 😊

Kick Back with a Kombucha Cocktail 🍹

Below are some amazing tasting cocktails with a kombucha twist.

Peach Spiced Bourbon 

Peach Kombucha Spiced Bourbon, Kombucha Recipe


Ice Cubes 

60ml Bourbon 

30ml Cherry Liquor

90ml Peach Spice Kombucha 

120ml Sparkling Water


Peach Spice Kombucha - combine 1-2 tea spoon of Peach flavouring with 500ml of kombucha and allow to ferment. When the second ferment is complete remove 90ml and combine it with 1 teaspoon chai spice, hand ground. 

Fill a glass with ice and add the bourbon, cherry liquor and peach spice kombucha. Then top off with sparkling water and enjoy!

Kombucha Shandy


120ml ginger-flavoured kombucha

120ml beer (preferably a lighter beer such as wheat beer or lager) 


Ginger-flavoured kombucha - add 2-3 thin slices of fresh ginger with 500ml of kombucha and allow to ferment. When the second ferment is complete then combine the ginger flavoured kombucha and beer in a cold glass and enjoy!

Vodka Kombucha

Ingredients:Raspberry Kombucha Recipe Cocktail

Ice Cubes 

30ml Vodka

120ml Sparkling Water

150ml Raspberry Flavoured Kombucha


Raspberry Flavoured Kombucha - combine 1-2 tea spoon of Raspberry flavouring with 500ml of kombucha and allow to ferment. When the second ferment is complete combine the kombucha, sparkling water, and vodka in a glass over ice. You can use different variations and flavoured kombucha with vodka if you are feeling creative and inspired 😊 

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