8L Deluxe Kombucha Tea Brewing Kit Organic Scoby

8L Deluxe Kombucha Tea Brewing Kit Organic Scoby

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  • LARGE 8L GLASS JAR WITH TAP AND COVER: Unlike many kits, this kit lets you test and taste with ease; just open the tap and taste. You’ll know when it’s brewed just right for you without having to tilt the jar and risk disturbing the new formed SCOBY on top. Do not compromise on a smaller brewing jar as you will want to upgrade to a 8L vessel as soon as you start enjoying your own brew. The Tap is made of ABS plastic and Silicon (NO metal) both materials are used in the food industry and are BPA FREE.
  • ORGANIC SCOBY: The included Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast is made with a bland of Organic green and black tea and is ready to go with 800ml of strong starter liquid to start your first big brew. The scoby and Starter liquid is packaged in a BPA FREE bag. 
  • SUGAR: 380g of sugar cane for the first batch.
  • A BLAND OF ORGANIC GREEN AND BLACK TEA: A high quality Blend of green and black tea is provided for your first batch. In an easy to use tea bag.
  • Ph tester strips: Easy to use, just one drop from the tap and your know your ph value.
  • Thermometer strip: Monitor your brew temperature like a Pro.
  • BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: Clear, concise step-by-step instructions remove tricky guesswork from the equation—just follow the instructions and enjoy the results.

  • ACCESS TO A WEBSITE WITH A NUMBER OF TIPS AND TRICKS: Brew like a Pro. The Brewing instructions include a link to an amazing tips and tricks source.

  • MY PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS: out of experience I know that it is comforting to know that you can fall back on expert advice if you are unsure of the outcome. Just send me your question preferably with a picture of you brew and I will help you out.


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