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kombucha Heating Mat, Keeping your Kombucha Brew warm. AU plug, 7Watt
kombucha Heating Mat, Second Ferment,  Carbonating, Fizzy Kombucha, Fizzy

Heat Mat

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Prevents Mould and Keeps Brewing Times More Consistent

The perfect brewing temperature for Kombucha is 22-27°C. This is also known as the perfect fermenting range.

If your kombucha brew is 19-20°C this is at the low end of ideal brewing and can take a longer time to ferment.

If your kombucha brew is 10-18°C this range causes very slow fermentation with weak or yeasty flavours and the possibility of mould. The reasons this could cause mould is due to the slower fermentation that occurs. The slower the fermentation the longer it takes to lower the pH level of your kombucha brew. The higher the kombucha pH level the more susceptible to mould it becomes. This is where a Heat Mat is perfect as it keeps your kombucha batch in the fermenting range so the kombucha brew pH level is lowered as soon as possible protecting your kombucha brew from mould spores. 

If you find your kombucha brew sitting below 20°C I would recommend helping your SCOBY with some external heat.

The heat mat can also be used to create fizz in the bottles of your kombucha. You simply bottle your finished kombucha and place them on a heat mat for 4-7 days and then the bottles of kombucha will have created fizz and be ready to be put in the fridge to drink later!

This adjustable 7 Watt heating mat can increase your brew by few degrees (about 3-4°C above your room temperature) depending on the ambient temperature and the brew size. Just place your brew on top of your Heat Mat.

The Heat Mat has a maximum temperature of 35°C preventing your SCOBY from being overheated/cooked! These Heat Mats are specially designed for brewing kombucha to ensure your SCOBY is safe. 



Heat Mat distributes Heat evenly
Extra thin design with maximum flexibility.
Their shape sees a greater concentration of heat in a more defined location.


Voltage: 220V-240V
Color: Black
Body length: approximately 280mm
Width: approximately 150mm

Packing Content:
1 x Heat Mat (AU Plug)
1 x Instructions on the packaging.




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