Where to buy a Kombucha Scoby online?

I am glad you made it here! You can simply buy a scoby or Kombucha brewing kit form our online shop! Read on if you would like to know what sets us apart.

Why should you buy your Kombucha brewing kit from us? 

The main thing, besides the great quality of our Kombucha Kit's is that we also provide great service and are trying our best to keep every customer happy and satisfied.  Please check out our reviews on our HOME PAGE

I am not a big fan of blowing my own trumpet but in this case I simply have to do it, so you dont miss out on the best kit available in Australia. On a regular basis we purchase brewing kits from our competition in order to stay up to date and to be ahead of everyone else. With our 4L and 8L kits we provide everything you need to get started! 

Happy brewing