About us

Josh & Karl are Kombucha Experts and form our Kombucha Team here at Karl Kombucha


Since childhood, Karl has had a passion for creating things from scratch, which first started with having his own veggie garden at his parent’s backyard. Eventually many years later Karl started working in a winery and really enjoyed the work there. It was fascinating to him, how it was possible to create excellent wine from just grapes and a little yeast. Til today, Karl still loves a glass of wine 😉. However, over the years he became very health conscious and was looking for something where he could totally dive himself into and help himself and other people to become healthier. Then Karl came across kombucha and fell in love with the taste and the health benefits of it. Shortly after trying his first kombucha, Karl started brewing his own as it was very expensive to purchase it from a store. Karl loved it so much that he had decided to help other people to brew their own delicious kombucha. After lots of hard work, brewing and experimenting Karl is now proud to say that Karl Kombucha has the best kombucha home brewing kits Australia wide!


The first time Karl and Josh met one another was in 2012 when they lived in a shared house together. They lived there for 1-2 years before Josh moved out. Over time Karl and Josh’s friendship grew as they lived together for another few years in two different houses.
Karl being the social butterfly he is was missing the social aspect in his work life as he worked alone. Karl asked Josh if he wanted to join Karl Kombucha to which Josh accepted making best friends also business partners!

How Josh became known as the SCOBY Whisperer... when joining the business, Josh dived in and learned as much as he could about the business and was in charge of the growth of the SCOBY’s that we have in our kits, our secret to such great SCOBY’s is that he sings to them and plays them some classical music.

Our children(SCOBY’s) eventually grew up and had to be packaged and sent to a new loving home where they would have their own baby SCOBY's and create great tasting kombucha for their new parents. 

We hope that you will soon also enjoy the health benefits of your own delicious Kombucha.

Happy brewing and cheers to a healthy gut 😊 🎉

Karl & Josh