About us

How I became a Kombucha brewer / Scoby farmer:

Since childhood, I have had a passion for creating things from scratch, which first started with having my own veggie garden at my parent’s backyard. Eventually many years later I started working in a winery and I really enjoyed the work there. It was fascinating to me, how it was possible to create excellent wine from just grapes and a little yeast. Till today I still love a glass of wine đŸ˜‰. However, over the years I became very health conscious and was looking for something where I could totally dive myself into and help myself and other people to become healthier. Then I came across Kombucha and fell in love with the taste and the health benefits of it. Shortly after trying my first Kombucha I started brewing me own as it was very expensive to buy it from a store. I loved it so much that I had decided to help other people to brew their own delicious Kombucha. After lots of hard work, brewing and experimenting I am now proud to say that Karl Kombucha has the best Kombucha home brewing kits Australia wide!

I hope that you will soon also enjoy the health benefits of your own delicious Kombucha.

Happy Brewing