Can Maintenance-Free Kefir Powder Make Kefir Grains?

Although the majority of our customers choose to use the maintenance-free kefir culture and use a small amount each time they make a batch, you can grow the grains from the culture if you prefer.
To do this, take 1 litre of non-chlorinated water and add 1 tablespoon of sugar, just as you would when making water kefir. Then set aside for a week to two weeks to ferment. This is a natural process that occurs when the microorganisms in the maintenance-free kefir culture multiply and begin constructing their home, the grains. Click for a step by step instructions on how to do this process

Step by step instructions:

  1. Hands should be washed and dried. All products that will be used in the kefir making process should be cleaned and rinsed. Scald all metal and plastic products with boiling water. Rinse glassware in hot but not boiling water.
  2. Warm your solution of filtered water and sugar to a temperature of 30°C.
  3. Fill a large glass jar or food-grade plastic container halfway with warmed sugar water, leaving approximately 3 cm of space at the top of the jar for air.
  4. Gently whisk one dose of Maintenance Free Kefir into your water.
  5. Cover the container with a piece of cloth that allows air to circulate while keeping out dust and insects. Using a string or rubber band, secure.
  6. For one week, store in a warm, dark location.
  7. If no grains have grown, add 1 tablespoon sugar and continue fermenting for another week. On the surface, you will see the grains forming.
  8. Strain and catch the grains, ready to use. 
  9. Once the grains have grown in the sugar water, they can be added to anything to create kefir. If you put them in milk, they will grow into milk grains and they will begin to use dairy proteins to create their home.