How to unblock your Kombucha Jar Tap?

Don't sweat it! If your Kombucha Jar tap is blocked. 
Simply watch the video below to to find out how to unblock it. 


There are TWO REASONS your tap may not be preforming as it should.

REASON 1: A kombucha SCOBY has formed inside your tap.

REASON 2: A SCOBY in your brew is blocking the inlet of your tap restricting the flow of kombucha or blocking it completely. 



Step 1: Empty your kombucha jar completely into another vessel or large pot (make sure to sterilise) which can be covered to prevent flies or other contaminates from affecting it.

Step 2: Now simply unscrew the top section of your tap as show in the picture below. 

kombucha SCOBY blocking TAP

Step 3: Once unscrewed there should be a SCOBY that has formed inside your tap as shown in the picture below. Simply remove it and put the tap together again.

Removing kombucha SCOBY from kombucha jar tap

Step 4: secure your tap back onto your kombucha jar as shown in the diagram below or on your instructions you received with the kombucha kit.

Kombucha Tap Assembly Instructions

Step 5: pour your kombucha back into your kombucha jar and enjoy your non blocked/restricted tap once again 😊 



Step 1: Use a clean and sterilised utensil (preferably stainless steel) that is long enough to move the SCOBY that is blocking/restricting the inlet of the tap out of the way to ensure you have nothing blocking/restricting the flow of kombucha from your jar.


Try doing this every time you wash your jar and that will usually prevent the tap from being blocked. 

Happy brewing 😊🎉