Is your Kombucha to cold or fermenting to slow? No problem Use a Heat Mat!

Protect your Kombucha brew in the colder months.

Kombucha heat Mat, help your scoby stay warm!

One of the most common problems brewers facing are the cold temperatures in the colder months through Fall, Winter and Spring.

If the temperature goes below 20°C the SCOBY growth is quite weak which also results to a weak flavour. Even worse your brew will become more susceptive to mould!! (click here to see my blog post on how to recognise Mould)

However not only mould can be a problem in the colder month. A colder Kombucha brew can result to a domination of yeast, causing a musty or funky smell and flavour.


An easy solution to solve this issue and control your brew with the ideal temperature is a Kombucha Heating Mat.

The heating mat will heat your brewing jar rather than heating the entire room and hence assure you the best results for your Kombucha.

I receive a lot of emails form people without a Kombucha heating mat asking me if they can place their batch in the sunlight or even in electric lights in order to heat their brew. Please not!! This could destroy the good bacterias in you brew as light is antibacterial. We clearly want the bacteria in our Kombucha and therefore must protect them.

If you want to make sure to achieve the best depth and complexity of flavour and protect your brew from mould I highly recommend a heating mat as the bacteria are not getting disturbed and producing the same range of acids which contribute not even to the best taste but also to the great benefits of Kombucha.

If you like to purchase one simply click on one of the pictures on this page.