Kombucha Home Brew or store bought Kombucha? What’s the difference?

In a few simple words, home brewed kombucha just tastes much better than the store bought kombucha.

Why is that and how? First of all, every one of us has a different taste and the kombucha producers especially the larger ones try to cater to the majority of people which makes it taste more like a fizzy drink rather than real kombucha. Plus, they also have to care about cost of production, shelf life and the already naturally low level of alcohol in Kombucha. That’s why many producers deviate from the original formulas and often use cheap ingredients. This is also one of the main reasons it is not ideal to grow a SCOBY from store bought kombucha.

Secondly, if you brew kombucha yourself, you have control over the ingredients you use and the fermentation time of your brew which results in the taste being more to your liking! Maybe you like it slightly sourer or more sweet this is something you have control over. Plus you can flavour your kombucha the way you like it. Which is a fun process to do and experiment with 😊

Thirdly, you just care more about the brew then an employee that gets payed to brew kombucha and you put more love into the process. Its like with many things, if you do it yourself it just taste better. I guess it’s the kombucha home brew factor.

Hope this information has encouraged you to start your own brewing adventure.

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Happy brewing 😊