Kombucha brewing Jar

Why kombucha brewing jars are so important for the perfect brew!

A kombucha jar is your SCOBY's home.

In order to have the best possible brew, it is important to leave the SCOBY undisturbed.

Why you probably ask? Let me answer this question for you. Your delicious  kombucha goes through two cycles of fermentation an aerobic and an anaerobic phase. The aerobic phase occurs at the beginning of the fermentation process while the anaerobic phase occurs to the end of the process. That happens when your brew is covered with a new baby SCOBY, through which less oxygen goes into the brew. Both cycles are very important! 

Every time the liquid is disturbed through testing and taking liquid from the top, the mushroom (SCOBY) will most likely sink and a new SCOBY will begin forming over again. The gluconic acid will suffer as the gluconobacter spends energy rebuilding the SCOBY. The gluconobacter sees their mushroom as controlling the yeasts. Depriving the yeast of oxygen, the yeasts produces greater amounts of alcohol. The gluconobacter prefer alcohol to sugar.

By using a kombucha jar with a tap, you are able to test your kombucha without disturbing your newly made SCOBY on top of your kombucha tea. 

If you are looking to purchase a jar with a tap, please check out the link below for our 4 Litre and 8 Litre kombucha Jars.



Happy brewing 😊🎉