Making Kombucha from scratch!

This is a quick guide on how to make Kombucha from scratch.

  • Buy a Bottle of NATURAL Kombucha from a shop. It is very important that it is natural Kombucha not pasteurized and without any additional flavors or sweeteners!
  • pour the kombucha in a 2-4L glass jar, preferably one that has a tap/spigot which makes testing and bottling your kombucha much easier.
  • Cover the jar with a cotton cloth (not a muslin cloth as the gabs are to large and could let in some tiny insects) secure with a rubber band.
  • Leave it for 4-7 days to grow a scoby on top and to let the kombucha become more sour. The ideal brewing temperature is 22-27°C


Now you should have a thin scoby with some starter liquid (Starter Liquid is your sour fermented kombucha). IMPORTANT we do not recommend brewing and making a scoby form store bought Kombucha. Several years ago a Kombucha had excellently more alcohol in there brew then allowed. This caused and scandal and forced Kombucha companies to change there original brewing formulas in order to ensure low alcohol level and longer shelf life. This unfortunately makes them less potent and just not as good as they have been in the past. I have personally experimented and tried many different brands to create kombucha from scratch and was most of the time disappointed with the results. Thats why i highly recomend to to source your scoby and starter liquid from a reputable source. However it is up to you to decide how you would like to start your Kombucha venture. Below you will see the General brewing instructions for Kombucha. If you would like to start out the easy way simply visit our SHOP HERE


General brewing instructions!


  • Cooking pot with lid (ensure all equipment is clean and free from detergent)
  • Brewing jar preferably with a tap (Included in the Kit)
  • Temperature strip (Included in the Kit)
  • Cloth with rubber band (Included in the Kit)
  • Stainless steel or wooden spoon
  • Measuring spoons, measuring cups or scale (not needed for the first brew with the kit)
  • PH strips included in your kit aren’t mandatory, but if you like to see how you can use them, please check out our Q & A section online.



  • filtered water
  • Tea use 2 conventional tea bags OR 4g of loose leaf tea (2tsp) per 1 litre of new tea, steeping it for 10 minutes. Eg. want to make 3L of new tea use 3 x 4g=12g of tea. Here at Karl Kombucha we recommend you to use only teas that are made of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant, which are; Black, Green, White, Oolong tea and few others.
  • Sugar use 40-60g (¼ cup) per litre of new tea. 3L of new tea 3 x 50g=150g of sugar.
  • Scoby and starter liquid ensure to use minimum 10-15% Starter Liquid. Eg. If you want to make a 3L brew use 300-450ml of starter liquid from your previous batch. In reverse if you have a Scoby and only 100ml of starter liquid do not make more than an 1L batch. Tip: the more starter liquid you use the faster it will ferment. Using 20% (600ml for a 3L brew) will always keep you on the safe side.


Ok let’s get started

  • Clean the area where you would like to make your Kombucha.
  • Wash the jar (if you use detergent make sure you rinse it very well as detergent can kill the SCOBY). We recommend washing it with warm water (don’t use boiling water as it can break the jar) and sterilizing it with white vinegar.
  • Stick the temperature strip (if you have one) on the outside of the jar. Ensure surface is clean and dry before you do it.
  • Ensure the tap is closed and Jar not leaking (if you have a jar with a tap, which is recommended).
  • If you plan to brew a larger batch then 1L, we recommend boiling only a portion of the filtered water, otherwise you would have to wait a long time until in cools down to room temperature. The quantities below are suitable for a 2L batch.
  • Fill jar with 1.2L of filtered water (or more depending on your total brew size) cover it with a cloth/ paper towel, securing with a rubber band and place in fridge (recommended if the filtered water is above 25°C). This will be used to cool down your hot tea.
  • Bring 0.5L filtered water to boil and take of the stove.
  • Add the tea (use 2 conventional tea bags OR 4g of loose leaf tea (2tsp) per 1 litre, Eg. want to make 3L of new tea use 3 x 4g=12g of tea), close the lid and steep for 10 minutes, then remove the tea.
  • Add sugar (use 40-60g (¼ cup) per litre of new tea. 3L of new tea 3 x 50g=150g of sugar) and stir till dissolved.
  • Pour the tea into your jar with the chilled water. Ensure the brew is not warmer than 30°C. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AS HEAT CAN KILL YOUR SCOBY. Rule of thumb- if the jar feels warm then its probably too warm.
  • Finally 😊 ad your SCOBY and Starter liquid into the jar, cover the jar with a cloth or paper towel and secure it with a rubber band. TIP: do not use a muslin cloth as they are not fine enough and can let insects come through.
  • Have a little try of your new brew just for the reference. Then start testing it regularly after 5-7 days of brewing. Enjoy your home brewed Kombucha once it is to your liking.
  • Place jar out of direct sunlight and write the date on the jar with a whiteboard maker or using pan and a sticky note.
  • The optimal temperature is 22-27°C.
  • Don’t forget to always leave enough starter liquid (10-20%) for the next brew. Tip: if you use only 10% starter liquid, let it ferment for few more days before you start your next brew, that way you ensure that it is always acidic enough for the next batch.
  • Recommendation: clean your jar every 4-6 weeks to avoid off flavours.


Happy brewing