Q & A

Q: My Scoby is not floating on top!

A: That’s absolutely normal. The SCOBY can float on top or bottom of the brewing jar, that’s all fine. After few days you should have a thin film on top of your brew, this is the new baby SCOBY.


Q: How long does the scoby last in the parcel and does the hot or cold weather effects it?

A: The scoby lasts easily for 4 weeks. They are very robust for a short period of time and can easily withstand the transport.


Q: What do I do with the ph test strips?

A: It can help you track the progress of your Kombucha brew. It is optional, but it can help you to distinguish when your own Kombucha starter is acidic enough (2.5-3ph is good) to start the next batch. If your starter/Kombucha is higher than 3ph use more of it then the recommended 10% of your total brew. Do not dip the strips into Kombucha that you intend to drink, few drops on the strip are enough.


Q: How long does it take till my parcel arrives?

A: All the scobys are freshly packed and send out twice a week. The standard free shipping takes usually 5-10 business days depending on where you live. Express usually takes about 2-5 business days.


Q:  When do I know if my kombucha is ready?

A: You know its ready when its to your liking. I usually start testing my Kombucha after 4-5 days.


Q:  What is the jar spigot made off?

A: The Jar spigot is made of food grade plastic (ABS) and the seal is made from food grade silicon. So nothing to worry about.


Q:  Is it Mould? How to recognise Mould?

A:  In general it is very rear that a Kombucha scobys become mouldy. I have made over 3000 brews and have had only three times mould in my brew. Please check out the link to see more info and example pictures on mould.  https://karlkombucha.com.au/blogs/news/is-it-mould-how-to-recognise-mould


Q:  How can I flavour my Kombucha?

A:  Flavoring Kombucha is a lot of fun and is something that gives you the ability to be super creative. The Possibilities are limitless, you can add good quality fruit, veggies, herbs/ spices, roots, dried fruit or even jam and syrup/cordial to your buch. To see some detailed instructions please follow the link to one of my blog posts. https://karlkombucha.com.au/blogs/news/flavouring-your-kombucha


Q:  How to do your second ferment after the first one is ready?

A:  In order to guide you through the process of how to bottle your first Kombucha ferment and how to then start your second one. I have created a little blog post with some instructions and a video on how to do it. Please just follow the link below. 


Q:  What to do with the scoby if you going away on holiday or taking a break from brewing?

A: Going away for less than two weeks – just leaf your kombucha jar with about 15%  full and make a new brew on return and be ready to bottle in a few days.

Going away for two to four weeks – ensure you have about a third of your jar full with kombucha, leave it like that and make a new brew on return, be ready to bottle in few days.

Going away for four to 6 weeks – do the above or place your scoby in a scoby hotel. A scoby hotel is an extra jar that you keep full with scoby/s and kombucha. Leave your scoby hotel in a dark, cool place. You can leave your scoby hotel for 6 weeks. 


Q:  How can I get more fizz/carbonation in my Kombucha?

A: Specialy at the beginning of your brewing career it seems hard to generate some fizz. This comes down to many factors like yeast belance, brewing temperature, sugar amount and so on. If you like to find out more about tricks on how to make your boch fizzier then just click on this link


Q:  How can I track my Kombucha order?

A: We are using two different shipping services, Australian Post and FastWay. If your parcel went with FastWay couriers then you should have received a confirmation email with a tracking number from their system, you may have to check your spam folder for it. If your parcel went with Australian Post, then you should have received a confirmation email directly from Karl Kombucha with your tracking details.


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to message me directly!
I am happy to help.