Q: How can I flavour my Kombucha?

Flavouring your Kombucha!

Flavoring Kombucha is a lot of fun and is something that gives you the ability to be super creative. The Possibilities are limitless, you can add good quality fruit, veggies, herbs/ spices, roots, dried fruit or even jam and syrup/cordial. And the best thing about it is that the beneficial elements present in the flavourings such as nutrients, antioxidants and minerals will be absorbed into the kombucha and broken down into forms that are easier for the body to absorb. How good is that 😊 ! By the way, you can experiment with varying amounts of different flavourings to find the balance you prefer.


Lets get started!

Here I will describe two general ways of flavouring Kombucha.

Method #1: Suitable for flavouring agents that can be dissolved like juice, cordial, powders… . Not suitable for fruits and chunky bits.

  1. Place your Scoby and enough starter liquid for your next batch in a separate Jar or jug (preferably from the top of your vessel, as you want to use the strongest bacteria for your next buch) and cover it with a cloth like you did with your brewing Jar.
  2. Ad your flavouring agents to your kombucha and give it a gentle steer.
  3. Bottle your kombucha from the tap or using a funnel.
  4. Close the bottles and leave them for few days at room temperature before moving them to the fridge.
  5. Now you can clean your jar and make a fresh batch 😊 of Kombucha

Method#2: Suitable for all flavouring agents.

  1. Add your flavouring agents to your bottles.
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with Kombucha. Make sure you leave enough Kombucha for the next batch in your jar.
  3. Close the bottles and leave them for few days at room temperature before moving them to the fridge.
  4. Now you can make a fresh batch of Kombucha.

 Link to Kombucha recipes

Time guide for second fermentation:

  • If you have used sugary additions a good reference point would be two to four days at room temperature before you move it to the fridge
  • For non sugary additions its about 7 to 14 days. But always check the pressure to avoid explosions.



  • With Methon#2 you can choose to ad different amounts into each bottle to experiment with the fermentation process.
  • If you want to monitor the pressure in your bottles, bottle all your brews in glass except for one, which you would bottle in plastic. That way you can squeeze the plastic bottle and check how much carbonation you have in there.

I hope this little flavouring guide will help you make the perfect brew for you. 


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