Q: How to do your second ferment after the first one is ready?


Many first-time Kombucha brewers asked me how to do your second ferment after the first one is ready.
Finally made some time to show exactly that. I will also write a quick step by step Instruction below. 

  1. Things you need to bottle and start your second batch:
    1. Your first batch of Kombucha.
    2. Jar or pot to put in your SCOBY and 10-20% starter for the next batch while washing the jar.
    3. Rubber band and a spare cloth to cover the extra jar or pot
    4. Glove (optional)
    5. Approximately 7-8 L of filtered water for an 8L Jar.
    6. Tea and sugar.
    7. Pot to brew the tea. You can also steep your tea in an infuser.
    8. Bottles to bottle your first Kombucha.
  2. You can start making the tea after you have prepared everything. In the video I, unfortunately, do it much later, usually, I always do the tea first, but I was a little nervous, hence I did it much later.
    Use 3-4g of tea per Litre and 40-60g of sugar per Litre. Steep the tea for about 10 Min (you can go ahead and do the steps below while your tea is steeping), add the sugar and steer till its dissolved. Please don’t forget that it needs to be a tea that has originated from the Camellia plant which is eg. Black, Green, Oolong and White tea. 
  3. While your tea is steeping take 10-20% (20% if it's on the sweet side, 10% if your brew is already very sour 2.5-max3.0ph) whatever your jar holds into the extra jar. IMPORTANT Take it from the top of your Kombucha jar, to ensure you have the best possible bacteria for your next Kombucha brew.
  4. Move the Scoby into your extra jar as well.
  5. Cover both jars with a cloth or kitchen towel and use a rubber band to secure it.
  6. Bottle all your Kombucha from the big vessel.
  7. Clean your Kombucha brewing jar and don’t forget to inspect the inside of the tap, by unscrewing the valve top. Most of the time you will find a little scoby in there.
  8. Sterilize the jar with pasteurized vinegar. If you do it with boiling water, ensure you do it very slowly to prevent the jar from cracking.
  9. Fill the jar with 2/3 of filtered water.
  10. Ad your tea and sugar mix (should be finished by now :).
  11. Check that the tea in your jar is not warmer then 30°C (86°F) If the jar feels warm then its probably to warm and above 30°C (86°F)
  12. Once your whole tea mix is below 30°C take your starter and SCOBY and pitch it into your brew.
  13. Top up with water if the jar is not full yet (leave about 2.5cm or 1in to the top).
  14. You can write the date on the jar or cloth and try your Kombucha so you are able to taste the difference throughout the fermentation. 

Well done!

Hope you have enjoyed the experience. 




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