What is Kombucha Starter and why is it so important?

Great Kombucha Starter is well fermented kombucha that is packed with many beneficial acids, yeasts, bacteria and enzymes!

Kombucha Starter should be in the ph range of about 2.5 to maximum 3. The lower the ph level of the Starter Liquid the better it is, as the high acidity protects the brew from pathogens and contributes to less alcohol developed during the brewing process. 

Most people think that a healthy scoby is what makes a great Kombucha brew.  That is not quite right. The Kombucha Starter Liquid is as important as the healthy Scoby! You need to have the right balance of bacteria and yeast in your Starter in order to kick off the brewing process the right way. Having the right acidity will greatly contribute to having an awesome Kombucha brew.  

We ensure that all our Scobys come with the best possible Starter Liquid high in acidity and full of beneficial yeast, bacteria and enzymes.

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I hope this little article has helped you on your Kombucha brewing journey! 

Happy brewing