Where to buy kombucha?

I am glad you made it here! You can simply buy kombucha from us online, we have 100% natural handcrafted kombucha that has no added preservatives 🙌🏼

Another possibly would be to visit your local IGA or any health food store.

However, if you would like to rather brew your own kombucha so you know what is put into your kombucha with the added benefit of saving a whole pile of money. Then you are in the right place 😊

Simply click on the link below which will bring you to our online shop.

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Kombucha kit, Kombucha SCOBY, 8L & 4L Kombucha Kit


If you love to drink kombucha, I would recommend the 8 Litre Kombucha Kit as this enables you about 500ml of kombucha a day until your next batch is ready to bottle. It is also perfect if you and your partner or family and friends want to enjoy a bottle of kombucha a day with you 😊

Remember you can always brew less kombucha in a larger jar but never more kombucha in a smaller jar 🤔