Family Kombucha Brewing Kit For 2 to 4 People - 8 Litre Jar
Organic Kombucha SCOBY, Strong kombucha starter liquid, Raw, Kombucha Kit
Everything you need to brew Kombucha Kit, SCOBY, Organic, Kombucha Tea Brewing
Fast & convenient way to make Kombucha, Kombucha Syrup, Organic, Karl Kombucha Exclusive
Organic Tea & Sugar, Kombucha Kit, Kombucha Tea Brewing
Easy to Setup Kombucha Kit, SCOBY, 8 Litre Jar, Kombucha Vessel, Organic sugar, Kombucha Tea Brewing
Brew Kombucha using easy to assemble kombucha Kit, SCOBY, Organic, Kombucha Tea Brewing
Organic Kombucha SCOBY, Strong kombucha starter liquid, Raw, Kombucha Kit
Organic Tea & Sugar, Kombucha Kit, Kombucha Tea Brewing
Karl Kombucha Free 7 Day Gut Healing Meal Plan
Kombucha cloth, protecting kombucha from insects

Family Kombucha Brewing Kit For 2 to 4 People - 8 Litre Jar

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  • Video Course
  • Kombucha Handbook
  • Kombucha Recipes
  • Kombucha Syrup (Fast & Convenient) 


- One Kombucha Kit can make a LIFETIME OF Kombucha! That’s right you buy only once and use your brewed Kombucha to make more just by adding more tea and sugar. We explain everything in detail in our easy to use instructions.

- When deciding on the Size of your Kombucha Kit we want to emphasize that you can always make less kombucha in a bigger vessel but never more in a smaller vessel! We have lots of customers that first opt to purchase the 4L size and then a few months later buy the bigger 8L Kit. Because they love their kombucha so much and want more of it.

- This Kombucha Kit makes up to 8L of Kombucha every 7-14 days- depending on your Brewing temperature. We recommend a HEAT MAT to speed up the process! The Ideal Brewing Temperature is 24°C or 75°F. Unless you live in Cairns or Darwin it would be extremely hard to keep your brew at 24°C without a heat mat. Plus, you will save money by heating only your brew instead of the whole room.

- When purchasing any of our Kombucha products, you can be sure to receive Ongoing Support!


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It takes time to grow a SCOBY and we want to make sure you receive a healthy one. Please be patient, your SCOBY will thank you for it with a tasty brew. 


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Kombucha Brewing Kit includes, SCOBY, 8 Litre Brewing Jar, Organic Sugar and tea, Cloth, Adhesive Temperature Strip, pH strips plus video course, 67 page Handbook and support Facebook group
Thanks guys! Saving us a fortune on store bought Kombucha! Woohoo! - 5 Star Review Kimberlee
Love the whole learning experience and brewing our own kombucha. Karl and Josh are very supportive being able to call them with questions - 5 star review
Super easy Kombucha Kit, Excellent instructions. Great tasting Kombucha - 5 Star Review by Leeanne

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Life is tricky, but we believe improving your gut health can make a difference. Check below to find out more about the know-how we’ve mastered over the years.

Improve Your Health with kombucha

Healthy Homemade = No Nasties

Save yourself a small fortune!

Tastier than sugary drinks and EVEN alcohol!

Kombucha Video Course showing you how to set up your Kombucha kit, Trouble shooting, Problems you will face and how to avoid them.

We are with you every step of the way!

Cater to you and your families taste buds!

Another reason to spend time with the kids

Kombucha Kit, Brewing your own kombucha tea has never been easier!


- Organic SCOBY

- Kombucha Brewing 8 Litre Vessel with TAP - Great for testing taste without contamination and bottling!

- Organic Sugar - Exact amount for your first brew!

- Organic Tea - Perfected blend for great tasting kombucha!

- Temperature Strip

- Cloth - Protects your kombucha from insects

- Ph Tester Strips

- Easy To Follow Instructions

- Kombucha Syrup - Fast and convenient way to make Kombucha (quicker than making a cup of tea)

- 5-15minute Consultation Call - Any questions?? Give us a call and we will talk you through it!

- Video Course - Gain access to our Kombucha class where you can learn to set up your Kit and other important information! 🤩

- Expert Support - Any questions about the process? Not to worry as we are here every step of the way!

- Email Support

- Kombucha Handbook

- My Personal Phone Number

- Exclusive Facebook Group

- Kombucha Recipes

- 7 Day Gut Healing Meal Plan

Kombucha Kit, Brewing your own kombucha tea has never been easier!


Easy to use instructions that will have you making your own Kombucha at home in as little as 7 days! You will be drinking your own delicious Kombucha full of healthy probiotics in no time!