4 x Organic High Quality Tea for brewing Kombucha!

4 x Organic High Quality Tea for brewing Kombucha!

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Organic Tea for brewing Kombucha, High Quality Blend, brews 14L of tea 


For those who are looking for a high quality Organic tea to brew their own delicious Kombucha? Here it is!

The special blend contains Organic green and black, loose leaf tea, it comes in 4 ready to use tea bags. 

Each tea bag contains the right amount of loose leaf tea to brew 3.5L of new tea. Its particularly handy if you brew your Kombucha in a 4L jar/dispenser or just use two of the tea bags if you have an 8L jar/dispenser. 

No more calculating how much tea to use, No strainer required, just use one bag for 3.5L of new tea.

Simple as that.



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