Passionfruit Bubble Tea DIY Kit - Make you own bubble tea at home
Passionfruit Bubble Tea Kit, Homemade Bubble Tea, Green Tea and Tapioca Pearls
Homemade bubble tea using bubble tea DIY kit

Passionfruit Bubble Tea

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Passionfruit bubble tea explodes in your mouth with flavour exciting your taste buds 🤩 Now combined that with some mouth-watering delicious bubble tea toppings 🤤

10 Pack Provides:

  • Organic Sencha Green or Black Assam Loose Leaf for Better Taste!
  • 400ml of Delicious Passionfruit Syrup 
  • 200ml Fructose Syrup 
  • Tapioca Pearls - Mouth Watering Topping
  • Teabag
  • 12mm Wide Paper Straw is perfect for slurping up those scrumptious toppings!

Want to take your bubble tea experience to the next level! Add the Tapioca Pearls and mix things up 🤪

Follow our recipe on how to cook your own tapioca pearls so they end up the way you like it!

Our Bubble Fruit Tea - DIY Kit lasts for 3 months but once you have had one cup it won't last!