Silicone Fermentation Lid & Airlock for making Hard Kombucha
Silicone Fermentation Lid & Airlock custom made for Karl Kombucha 4 Litre Jars
Fermentation Lid and Airlock To ferment Ginger Beer, Alcoholic Kombucha, Suaerkraut

Fermentation Lid & Airlock For 4L Jar

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The Karl Kombucha Silicone Fermentation Lid & Air Lock is specially designed to be used with a Karl Kombucha 4 litre Jar. The lid is made from premium silicone and combines an Airlock which in turn creates a perfect seal (must put in water) that is perfect for fermenting  foods or drinks like, Ginger beer or alcohol Kombucha aka Hard Kombucha!

The airlock allows gases to be released from the fermenting foods or during the making of Hard Kombucha but does not allow air to enter the jar. Air entering the jar from outside can cause the food to spoil or stop the fermentation process.

Adding the fermentation lid to a Karl Kombucha Jar means that you can make Hard Kombucha, Ginger Beer, Sauerkraut and many more foods.

Set contains:
1 x Silicone Fermentation Lid
1 x Air Lock